Sometimes you get tired of the same old same old and by that, I mean your cooking in your kitchen at the casa. Am I right? I am the chef in my household, and I use that term lightly, especially during the summer, a girl gets tired of cooking. I want to eat out every now and then but then that gets old too sometimes. We're never happy. lol

Have you ever visited this fabulous website that is available called Anytime we are out of town, that is the first place I go. If you are looking for great restaurants in the city that you are visiting, Yelp is perfect because they will list the top restaurants in the area. It is a recommendation of restaurants anywhere you are, by people who have eaten there before.

I took the liberty of searching the top 5 restaurants in Midland, Odessa, Andrews, Big Spring and Monahans in case you are ever in the area and want to know where to grab a bite to eat.

I personally can vouch for the Andrews restaurants and would agree that those in the top 5 are pretty great! Odessa, Midland we have some amazing places to grub but have you actually eaten at the top 5 according to Yelp?

Maybe that is a challenge for your family and friends the rest of the year, choose a new restaurant from this list to try through the end of the year. Venture out and try new things, I doubt you will be disappointed!

Check out the top 25 list below:


Top 25 Restaurants in West Texas

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