So today is National brownie day. I'm not going to lie, I'm not the biggest fan of brownies but am I going to turn them down?... no! Today we got some brownies delivered to our radio station and I will tell you I was a big fan this morning. So the boss comes in with a big tray from United Supermarket and I'm like 'woah what's this' and she goes 'it's brownies'. So, let ne tell you , brownies have come a long way. I mean if you really think about it there are so many different types of brownies nowadays. So, am I surprised that the brownie that I went straight to was the M&M brownies. Also on the tray, German Chocolate brownies, dark chocolate brownies and of course your traditional chocolate brownies. And, yes of course brownies with nuts. Who doesn't love brownies with nuts? Now, I'm not going to lie, I do not like brownies that are really rich, I mean almost tastes like nothing but chocolate. But on National brownie day, I'm not going to be picky and I'm actually going to partake by eating some.

Do you bake brownies at home? For some reason bake brownies at home smell the best don't they? So on this is National brownie day are you going to partake or are you going to pass? Oh what the heck it's only one day might as well enjoy them. I would suggest taking a full tray of brownies to work today. By the end of the day, you will see which brownies are people's favorites, because they'll be gone and the ones left on the tray are the ones that your co-workerse don't like as much. Okay, so now that we did all this brownie talk, where is the large glass of milk? That's what I need to make my brownie day even better.

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