I heard a rumor that they are remaking the Titanic sometime in 2018. I'm not talking about the movie either. I'm talking about the ship itself. Supposedly down to every last detail too. Didn't so many people die when it sank because there were errors in how many life rafts it was designed to carry due to the fact that it was "impossible to sink"? 

Perhaps I'm the only one who saw the movie buuuuut, exact replica? Has no one else read about the sister ships of the Titanic that ALSO sank? It's supposedly a cursed ship soooooo there's that.

Bros, if you wanna end a date freezing on the other side of the door of the woman you're dating, it's a lot less expensive and tragic to your health to simply take her to McDonalds in December while wearing shorts then tell her she's almost as attractive as her sister as you're walking her to the door.

I think the fact that so many stories women find "romantic" end with a man dying a horrible death, slightly troubling. Just sayin.


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