I think it’s really sad to know that monsters are real, especially when it’s a family member. It can be even scarier when you find out it’s one of your children. If you believe a viral TikTok video, a family in Houston, Texas learned the hard way that their three-year-old could possibly be the most dangerous child in the world. However, there's more to this story than the video is revealing.

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TikToker Josh Liijenquist shares weird/creepy stories. He recently shared a story that may sound vaguely familiar to Texans.



Yes, this horrific event really did take place in Houston, but the video doesn't come anywhere near telling the whole story.


Back in 2015, Racqual Thompson and her boyfriend, Cornell Malone, were charged with endangering a child. Investigators said the couple left four children alone in an apartment while they went to get pizza and either visit a friend, or a pick up a prescription.

Either way, when the adults returned, three of the children were crying and pointing toward the kitchen, where a child had been injured by a fallen stand-alone oven. The range was found tipped over, and the child badly burned. The poor baby died as a result of those burns.


The TikTok video paints one of the children as a monster, but Thompson's own attorney told KRIV-TV that the children should have been removed from the home at least 3 years before the tragedy. She even went so far as to say the only reason they weren't removed from a dangerous home, in which they were frequently neglected, was that CPS had "no way to make money off of them" because African-American siblings would have been difficult to place in foster care.

CPS officials called the accusation "offensive", and said that at the time, 49% of kids taken into protective custody in Harris County were African American. However, they didn't say how many of those children were in foster care.

So, it looks like the real monsters here were the adults. To make matters worse, the grandmother of the four kids reportedly lived in the same apartment complex, so why didn't they just stay with her?


The TikTok video above was shared to me, and is making the rounds here in Texas. While the sensational subject matter may be good for clicks and views, it's a lesson to all of us to be careful what we believe and to dig deeper into stories like this.

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