Have you ever looked at something and thought, "What in the world is the use for that?" Well, here are a few that I never knew until now.

Well, this video posted to YouTube was crazy interesting. It's definitely worth a watch, but here a few things I took away from it.

  • I did know about the loop on the back of your shirt. It's for hanging it.
  • I didn't know that the two sides of an eraser had different functions. Crazy to think that one side was for removing the smudges when you erase something.
  • The hole in the spaghetti spoon was INSANE!!! I never thought that was what it's used for. I was like a lot of people and thought it was for draining the water.
  • And I did think it was awesome about the scrap of material with new clothes. It could definitely help me save some when it comes to seeing how it'll fare in the washing machine.


Which ones did you know already and which ones were new to you?