Leo and Rebecca BUZZ QUESTION - What are THINGS that men didn't realize until they lived with a woman?
Let's make a list! Recently this was a topic on REDDIT.

1) Drying hair for women is AN EVENT! This guy didn't realize how much time his woman put into it till he lived with her.

2) Didn't now that WOMN don't change or flip channels while wtahcing TV. I do it all the time, she doesn't! LOL

3) Didn't realize all the STRANDS of HAIR that get stuck on the shower wall from my wife.

4) That CLEANY DAY is a thing! No, can't we just lay around the house today!

Here is what the 432 had to say on our Facebook!

Angel Borunda
Hair.... Literally everywhere.
That doubled having a daughter 😑… See More

Junior Vasquez
Don’t wash their hair in 3 days 😆

Top Fan
Efren Valenzuela
That women fart and poop

Charles J. Colwell
Using their hair, women will create modern art on the shower wall.

Ray Ray

That I am doing LAUNDRY all wrong. Who knew that I've been living a lie when it comes to doing laundry. Apparently I knew nohting and I didn't realize this until moved in with my wife.


That no matter what the temperature is, she will BUNDLE UP like she's going to play in the snow all day everyday while watching tv or just going around the house.

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