We’ve all seen it a million times. Those people in a relationship who are always posting things on FB about their significant other.

It’s not always blatant but c’mon, when your partner sees the post they know exactly what it’s pertaining to and everyone else seeing the post isn’t stupid. Posting things like that in order to get support from your friends in an argument that should stay behind closed doors is counterproductive.


All you’re doing is showing weakness in your relationship, making more stress for yourself by causing yet another argument, and showing that thirsty guy or girl who’s had an eye on your bae there is a window of opportunity. You’re actually hurting yourself more than your spouse when you do this.


I dare you to name one couple who trashes each other on social media who isn’t either broken up or cheating. You’re sending out an open invitation for a back stabbing “friend” to hit up your spouse via FB messenger and start the cheating process. I have been guilty of it myself and it can be tempting but if you think it out before you do it. I think you’ll agree that you’re causing more drama than its worth. In the immortal words of our beloved morning show host Leo Caro, “Be Smart.” It’s really that simple.

There's a word for couples who don't air their issues out on Facebook… together.