Over Valentines weekend, My girlfriend and I spent some nice quality time together. You know, just the usual sappy "I Love you' this and "kissy kissy smooch smooch" that. Regular old normal couple stuff. If you consider inventing the greatest Sunday Funday activity ever invented "The usual", because that's just how we roll.

I now introduce to all our fellow couples of the 432, THE WALKING DEAD DRINKING GAME. Sure, we'll most likely have to re-watch all the episodes we see while playing this due to memory loss but that's not the point. Here is a list of each Character we were able to think up rules for. If a character does this, then you have to take a drink. Feel free to add on if you think of your own.

Michonne- every time she unsheathes her sword (yes even if it's only half way)

Carl - every time you see him holding Judith

Rick - every time he is talking to someone and for no apparent reason he looks off in another direction

Maggie - every time she looks like she smells a fart and no one fessed up to it

Glen - anytime he does something nice for someone

Carol - when she smiles for no apparent reason. . .she's crazy and she does this alot when talking to people

Abraham - anytime he says a phrase that sounds like it should be in a cheesy action flick

Eugene - every time he says a strange phrase, metaphor, or simile, that sounds like something a back woods redneck would say

Sasha - Anytime she deviates from the groups plan to do something strange or shady

The Priest - Anytime he does something shady or cowardly

Daryl - anytime you see him split off from the group, take out his crossbow, or anytime he has to move his hair out of his face


Best of luck to all of you and may the odds be ever in your favor lol