Here's a Flashback Friday moment. The year was 1996 and the station was Power 106.7. Leo and John Paul were the morning show. We had just started doing mornings together. I believe we were 3 months into our partnership on the morning show.

The big story locally, at the time was 7-Eleven manager Wiley Berggren being fired by the company for capturing a thief. The policy at 7-Eleven at the time was not to react to any thief at the store. Well, he did react and ended up getting fired for it. The story became so big, that Dateline with Jane Pauly on NBC actually came down to Odessa to do a story on him.

Me and John Paul heard of the story of course and we got in contact with Wiley to see if he wanted to come on our show and tell his side of the story. Well, it happen to be the same morning that Dateline was flying in to do a story on him and he asked us if Dateline could come up to the station with him . Ummmmmmmm YES!!!

The following is the story Dateline aired back in December of 1996. Good times.





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