Guess what's going around Midland? The stomach bug and it blows.. literally. I didn't realize it until today while I was googling and self diagnosing but the stomach bug or Norovirus is one mean motha! It's highly contagious and super hard to get rid of, but here are some ways to avoid it and keep from re-spreading the sickness.

When you wash your hands, use soap and water not hand sanitizer.

When you clean, use bleach and water.

If you have a dish washer, use it.

Use the hot/hot or warm/warm cycle on your clothes.

Don't forget to clean all the little places you forget, computer keys, the remote, cell phones ect...

I know those were short and there wasn't much explanation, but that's because honestly it's almost impossible to avoid the Norovirus if it's going around. So when you get it do not go to work, give yourself two or three days of rest and lots of water, and most importantly STAY AWAY FROM ME!