Who Has All The Money In The Lone Star State? More Than Likely, Its Somebody's That's Moved Here.

Its becoming America's worst kept secret that if you're wealthy, the "coasts" aren't where you want to be, so many a billionaire are making their way to Texas for several reasons but the main one is they get to keep more of their money.

The Forbes 400 List Of The Richest People In America Recently Revealed That Texas Has 44 Billionaires On The List.


Roughly 10 percent of the richest people of America in 2022 call Texas home (this is not accurate at all, I'm just guessing).

According to Forbes, for the first time since the Great Recession, the superrich did not get richer this year. As a group, this year’s Forbes 400 is $500 billion poorer than they were a year ago. Their total net worth stands at $4 trillion, down 11% from last year. I'm sure they're on their yachts crying.

The Texas Billionaires On The List Made Their Money In A Variety Of Industries From Tech To Oil To Entertainment.

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You'll see lots of familiar names and faces on this list including Elon Musk who's been moving all of his operations to Texas lately, sports teams owners like Cowboys owner Jerry Jones and Stan Kroenke who along with his wife Ann Walton Kroenke combine for about $20 billion bucks on this list. The richest of the newcomers to the Forbes list is oil billionaire Autry Stephens, a West Texas wildcatter worth an estimated $10 billion.

Let's see who else got all the dough!

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