If anything ever happens to me, do not check my search history. (insert wide eyes emoji here) Guys, has your lady ever said this to you? If so, she must be a true crime fan. For real, what is in your search history? We all have different answers but many women are in the same boat I'm in, they love all things true crime. Let me explain.

I listen weekly to several true crime podcasts. I watch all the true crime shows. ID channel, Dateline, 20/20 are all set to record in my house. Why do you think they are on networks primarily watched by women? Because we love them all. Your girl got Snapped on your TiVo at home? It's all good, she's not planning anything, she just loves the show.

Photo by Joël in 't Veld on Unsplash
Photo by Joël in 't Veld on Unsplash

So what is the search history thing about? You have to understand that we hear names, situations, cities, and weird things (to put it mildly) and we get curious. So it is not unusual for your girl to hear about a slaying in Michigan, and immediately want to Google it!

I legit heard a story the other day on one of my favorite podcasts about a guy who poisoned his wife with Gatorade and antifreeze. What the..? So I Googled it. I don't want that crap to happen to me! I need to know the taste, the smell, the color, and the consistency to know if I should trust anyone who ever offers me a drink!

So don't sweat it. When we're curious, we Google. If I hear of a serial killer from the 90's, I want to know what this fool looked like, so I Google. Now, let's switch it up. What is in your search history?

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