In case you were not aware, Texas is the 2nd largest state in the country, both by area and by population. As of the year 2023, we have over 30 million residents and no doubt growing by the day with all of the transplants that have moved here to work in the oilfield.

So if you are new to Texas you may not realize just how big our state is, but these 12 fun facts will help you to realize just how big Texas is.

  1. Texas is bigger than the UK - 93,628 square miles to Texas' 268,500 sq. mi.
  2. There are 3550 routes designated in the Farm to Market Road system.
  3. 48 of the other states can individually fit into Texas, the only exception is Alaska.
  4. US Highway 83 is the longest highway in Texas at 783 miles.
  5. The state capitol building is the largest domed capitol building with over 18 acres of floor space.
  6. The Texas Triangle, which is composed of DFW, Houston, and San Antonio/Austin, makes up 21 million of the 29 million people that make up the population of Texas.
  7. DFW Airport is larger than the island of Manhattan at 27 square miles.
  8. If Texas became a country again, it would be the 40th largest out of the 193 countries in the world.
  9. Texas is larger than every country in Europe.
  10. El Paso is closer to Denver (637 miles) than it is to Houston (747 miles).
  11. El Paso is closer to the Pacific Ocean (and San Diego, California) than it is to Texarkana.
  12. Texas is 1.65 times larger than California.

That should put the size of Texas into a little bit more perspective about just how big Texas is but it is nowhere near the size of Alaska which Texas can entirely fit inside its borders 2 times over.

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Here in Texas, you'll find more than 30 million people, living, working, and playing on 268,581 of the most perfect square miles you'll find anywhere on God's green Earth. And you'll never hear one of us ever say any of these things.
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