Alright, this will be an extremely shallow read. If you are one of those young people that wants nothing more than to be with a man or woman for their money and you live in, say, Athens, Texas, or anywhere in Texas, you are in the right spot. Its called having a Super Daddy or Sugar Momma. Basically, you are spoiled beyond belief and all you have to give in return Let's get into the scandalous details below.

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Sugar Daddies and Mommas in Texas

A new study from, a dating website built just for finding a Sugar Daddy, Sugar Mommy or Sugar Baby (a young person seeking a Sugar Momma or Daddy) in the United States says that Texas is a hot bed in all of those categories. If you're a woman looking for a Sugar Daddy, Texas sits at number five. If you're a man looking for a Sugar Mommy, Texas is at number six. On the other end, if you're a Sugar Daddy looking for a female Sugar Baby, Texas is number six. If you're a Sugar Mommy looking for a male Sugar Baby, Texas is number eight (KSAT).

Sugar Babies

One other trend that has been growing over the last couple of years is college students in Texas looking for a Sugar Daddy or Sugar Momma for the sole purpose of funding their education. The University of Texas at Austin leads the pack with just over 1,100 students registered on as Sugar Babies (KXAN).

What does this mean?

Well, I guess Texas is full of older men and women who want nothing more than to have a younger companion to spend their money on because they have nothing else better to do with their cash. Overall, the highest concentration of Texas Sugar Daddies seems to be in San Antonio.

So there you have it, if you come into a couple billion dollars and are single, you have a quick and easy way to find a boyfriend or girlfriend.

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