Texans have tons of options and ways to keep themselves cool this summer. Just north of Houston there is a record-breaking lagoon nestled on 12-acres of tropical fun.

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Lagoonfest Texas is the largest lagoon in Texas and it is officially open for the third season. Back in 2020 Lagoonfest opened its doors and had a massive response. Over 8,000 visitors sunk their toes in the sand last year, and this year looks just as promising. Beware: If you are not a fan of the water, just exit now.

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Check out some of the amazing things to do at Lagoonfest including:

  • Inflatable obstacle course
  • Five-story Titan Slide
  • Kayaking
  • Bumper boats 
  • Sailboats
  • Stand-up paddleboards
  • Aqua trikes
  • Floating cabanas


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At Lagoonfest you can run through the nation's largest inflatable obstacle course. Try to go the entire course without falling off, good luck you'll need it. 

To explain Lagoonfest as massive is an underestimate. The lagoon contains 27 million gallons of water within 12 acres and various beach spaces for a resort-style experience.


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The massive lagoon has multiple packages available. Of course, you can go with a one-day ticket or you can load up on a pass that will have you splashing till Labor Day.

Here are your options:

  • Single Day Pass
  • Basic Season Pass
  • Xtreme Season Pass
  • Ultimate Season pass

Day passes can be bought at the door, while season passes can be purchased online. Season passes are a bit pricey considering this is only open for a limited time throughout the year, however, if you want to experience it for just one day that might be a better option. Lagoonfest is open Monday & Thursday-Sunday from 10 am till 8 pm.

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