As he prepares to release his new EP, CyHi is stirring things up with Joe Budden.

The Atlanta rapper recently appeared on Sway's Universe, where he dropped a freestyle over Nas' "You're Da Man" that takes shots at the former Slaughterhouse member.

"Niggas even go to synagogue, just to pray for my downfall," CyHi raps. "I get aggravated with salt/Fuck around and catch a aggravated assault/Joe Budden, why you got so much hate in your heart?/They gon' make you fuck around and make hating a art/I don't see much time I can waste on that mark/And please save your remarks/’Cause your radio personality never has personality/Come and see me in person, virtual reality."

Video of the full freestyle has since been scrubbed from YouTube.

After getting word of the freestyle, Joe Budden reacted to the bars aimed his way.

"Why is Cyhi doing that to my name while I’m on vacation? That’s not nice," he posted on Twitter on Monday (May 31).

The rapper-turned-podcaster seemed some what impressed.

"[And] w that nasty ass bar too….. you lot so lucky lol," Joe added in a follow-up tweet.

CyHi and Joe Budden have a beef that dates back a few years. After being clowned by Budden multiple times, CyHi challenged Budden to a $500,000 rap battle in 2016. Joe Budden responded by saying he would end CyHi's career if they clashed in a cypher.

"I don't think CyHi is nowhere near the MC I am," Budden said on his podcast. "I don't think CyHi want any type of smoke with me."

Clearly, the proposed battle never came to fruition.

CyHi is currently prepping two projects, which will be dropping soon. E.G.O.T. The EP is dropping on Friday (June 3), while his upcoming album, The Story of E.G.O.T., is slated to come out this summer.

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