Wow, so this just happened to me today and immediately I thought, I must share with my listeners. So in a perfect world, receiving a text from a company looking to hire you promising the sun, the moon and the stars sounds ideal right? Well, we are far from living in a perfect world. Check out what I received a little earlier today...


Can we take a moment to break this SCAM down because as they say, 'if it seems too good to be true, it usually is!'

1. I do not know this person, never heard of this agency and when I decided to Google it out of curiosity, immediately saw SCAM from this particular agency online.

2. They sought ME out! How many jobs have you been hired for that came looking for you? I mean it may happen from time to time but how did they randomly get my number?

3. How about the range of pay? Random. $200-$1200 PER DAY? I've never had a job where I get paid DAILY. Interesting.

4. This scammer wants me to contact them on WhatsApp. Why not leave a callback number? Or an address to an office or heck let's connect via Zoom. That is already a nope from me!

The main thing is the random text from the random number from a random person when I'm not even looking for a job.

I have had a couple of close friends get scammed over jobs when they were searching, via a very popular job search app and another thing to add is that if the scammer asks to meet up through Zoom and THEY do not turn their camera on, will not talk salary, position or where you will be working, BEWARE, you are being scammed! 

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