Because I'm A Avid Fan Of Bacon, I Have So Many Questions Before I Dive Into This: Is It Sweet Or Savory Or Both? What's The Icing Made Of? My Eyes Want It But My Taste Buds Are Conflicted.

Earlier this year, we told you about the Wright Bacon Brand located in Vernon, TX and all the wild things they are doing to celebrate their 100th Anniversary including changing the name of Vernon to Bacon City, USA and they hosted a "Mayor For The Weekend" contest.

They Also Released A "Bacon Fragrance" Cologne.

That's right, they even released a cologne called "Wright No. 100" featuring "the enticing scents of applewood, smoky bacon, and a secret ingredient used by perfumers in 1922" and "created with the same level of craft as our thick-cut, real wood-smoked bacon" according to the website. By the way, the cologne SOLD OUT.

To Wrap Up Their 100th Anniversary, This Item Literally "Takes The Cake"...

You're looking at a "BACON CAKE" folks. Described by a press release as "Four pounds of decadent goodness, with layers of cheddar scallion cornbread, sandwiched together with a sweet corn bacon filling, topped with a salted hot honey cream cheese bacon spread, and of course, Wright Brand Bacon.

It also features bacon rosettes and another pound and a half of bacon incorporated throughout the cake.

The limited-edition bacon cake is available for purchase in select markets online soon.

Wright Brand Bacon - 100th anniversary - Limited-edition Bacon Cake
Wright Brand Bacon

If you're curious like me, then you'll have order it online then make your way to either Dallas, New York, Los Angeles, or Chicago to buy it for local pickup for the reasonable price of $19.22 at starting December 15. Are you willing to try it?

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