Saving money is the worst. If you're like me, at the end of the year you may think to yourself, I need to get better at saving money or I really wish I would have all year long. Makes it easier when Christmas shopping or even if you want to take a nice vacation, money saved always comes in handy. 'Save for a rainy day' right? Recently I came across something on TikTok that I am curious about. It is a money-saving trick.

I'll share it with you because if I decide to give it a try and actually stick with it, it does seem like it would be very beneficial to anyone willing to give it a try. I saw on TikTok recently the #envelopechallenge.


Here is what you label 50 envelopes 1-50, or if you happen to have a bigger budget, 100 envelopes label them 1-100, then randomly choose any 2 envelopes every week and place your cash into them. For example if the 2 envelopes you choose are the #32 and #15, you will put $32 in the 32 envelope and $15 in the 15 envelope. Whatever number the envelope has written on it, is the amount of money you put in.

Photo by Joanna Kosinska on Unsplash
Photo by Joanna Kosinska on Unsplash

It is a little bit of a late start seeing as how it is already mid-April but typically if you do this beginning the first of the year you will have saved up a little over $5,000! How fabulous does that sound? If 1 of your goals in 2024 is to control your spending, this would be an excellent way to do so and by December, you will either have some extra spending cash for Christmas or put it away for a trip or even a rainy day and start all over again the next year!

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