Are you itching to see Christopher Nolan's upcoming thriller Tenet? Does September 3 just seem too far away? According to DeadlineTenet will be coming to select cities starting August 31, three days before it hits theaters. The announcement was made by President of Warner Bros. Pictures Domestic Distribution Jeff Goldstein earlier this morning.

Said Goldstein: “Warner Bros. is proud to support our partners in exhibition as they reopen their doors. And there could be no better film to welcome audiences back to a true big-screen experience than Tenet.” While this sentiment may be true (Nolan’s newest offering does look epic), that doesn’t mean the country at large is ready to accommodate a blockbuster theatrical release just yet.

While many states have technically allowed movie theaters to reopen, plenty have opted to keep their doors shut. California Governor Gavin Newsom briefly approved the operation of movie theaters, but has since changed his mind. New York Governor Andrew Cuomo stated that movie theaters are too “high risk��� to reopen, but ordered for the reopening of gyms on August 24. Typically, Hollywood and New York City are the cities that receive early access to buzzy movies. But this time around, odds are both California and New York will be sitting out of Tenet’s early release.

It’s worth noting that if you live near a Cinemark that’s offering “private watch parties” where you can rent out an auditorium for yourself and a bunch of friends for $99 (or more in some locations), Tenet appears to be one of the movies available in some locations on August 31. According to their website, you can book a private screening of Tenet on August 31 for $149, which sounds ... like maybe the only good way to see this movie at present?


Canada, on the other hand, will be able to view Tenet as early as August 27. Lucky Canadians.

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