Of the many things Texans just do better than anybody else is supporting our own. We definitely show up, and show out for our community especially in the Killeen-Temple, Texas area. You are not going to find a more devoted following for the new rookie class of NFL players than the one happening for Quinton Johnston.

What pick in the NFL Draft was Quinton Johnston?

He was selected as the 21st overall pick by the Los Angeles Chargers. In fact, Johnston was the 2nd selection in four straight picks being wide receivers. Even with only 4 wide receivers selected in the first round, there are a number of draft "experts" that have predicted the 2023 class could stand shoulder to shoulder with the best years ever.

It really is quite the story of going from Temple Independent School District as a Temple Wildcat to a true freshman starter for the Horned Frogs of Texas Christian University. At about 6'3" with a vertical jump of 40 inches, Johnston has the exact size, speed, leaping ability, and skills to have a highly successful career.

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When will we first be able to see Quinton Johnston play in the NFL?

NFL preseason begins with their first games around mid August, and the full NFL schedule is reportedly due to be released on May 11th. Everyone is already anticipating big things from Quinton Johnston's career including himself. Johnston is so confident in his future, he said his mom should put in her two weeks notice, "She can retire."

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