Wagner Noel

Olivia Newton John-Sandy From Grease Will Be Here Sunday!
One of my childhood heroes will be here this Sunday and I could not be more excited! Olivia Newton John will here at the Wagner Noel Performing Arts Center, after having to postpone her show a few months back, for health reasons. I grew up with siblings several years older than me, so I literally us…
Popovich Comedy Pet Theater This Sunday
It's a Sunday Funday at the Wagner Noel THIS Sunday! Popovich Comedy Pet Theater is coming to town and it is a family affair. Popovich Comedy Pet Theater is a family oriented comedy and juggling skills show with the help of some furry costars.
Kevin Costner is Crazy Chill
In our line of business we meet a fair share of celebrities, but THIS was fan girl overload for me. I don'y know if you realize this but THIS IS MR FREAKIN BROOKS! Mr. Brooks is easily one of my all time favorite movies. It was so insane standing next to Kevin Costner tying to remain profession…

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