I Don't Like This New Thing At Restaurants
Ok now that we are all getting back to a routine, eating at our favorite restaurants, I finally found something I do NOT like about our new normal. It actually had nothing to do with food either. It was the soda/te machine. (I forgot to take a picture of the sign) but it stated that due to the current situation, you cannot get a drink refill. Wth?
What Else Is There Besides A Coffee Bar?
Can I say I love this look? I love the latest 'coffee bar' trend and as much as I would love to be a part of it, unfortunately I cannot. Why? Because I don't like coffee. I literally drink a cup of joe in the morning when I get to work for a pick me up and that is the extent of it. I own a coffee pot that has never been used.
I Love Me Some Tea!
It's a Texas thang and if you're not from 'round here you wouldn't understand! lol We love our tea here in Texas and sweet tea is life! Unless you're like me and trying to be real careful with them calories tho. Check out my latest obsession....
Any Remedies You Can Suggest To Get Rid Of My Cough?
You may have noticed this morning that I have an annoying cough right now. Like most people I'm sure. I say it's annoying because there is literally nothing else wrong but that. lol So, Leo was nice enough to make me some tea. Tea, lemon, honey and a tad bit of sugar, just like momma used to make.