Have You Bought Your Solar Eclipse Shirt Yet?
The big solar eclipse is all anyone has been talking about for a few days, buying the glasses, all the hoopla, gearing up to see what it's all about. Well as I'm strolling through the store the other day I see this shirt. Really? The Great American Eclipse of 2017! lol
Brizzown's Shirt of the Week
What you know bout that Muppet life? You ain't representin'. You ain't keeping it real. I kinda feel like Muppets VS Sesame Street is kind of the rivalry that prepared us for East Coast VS West Coast later on in life. Personally, if I had to choose between the two, I gotta go Muppets …
Brizzown's Shirt of the Week
Yes that's right folks. The one and the only....Tell ya what. If she doesn't know who this is, then she's too young for you bro. Tell her to go take a hike in the happy trees. If you have friends who don't know who Bob Ross is, just go ahead and send em packin' because you d…