Sam's Club

I Don’t Normally Eat This Stuff But OMG This One Is So Good
Put this in the things-I'm-not-crazy-about-file....I know I'm a weirdo but I don't care for fudge the way some people like fudge. Especially this time of year, it is given as a gift for the holidays. My kids love it, my man loves it and I tell them go ahead and eat it all I don't really like it. HOW…
Sam’s Club Supporting CMN
Hey! Shout out to Sam's Club for being a huge CMN supporter! I was in Sam's Odessa just the other day and saw made my heart so happy! Just like the sign says, grab some goodies on the way out (table is by the exit door, you can't miss it) and leave a HUGE donation for Children's Miracle Ne…
support the cause
B93's Children's Miracle Network Radiothon will be here soon, in November and while we hope that you are getting your donations ready, we also ask that you support all things CMN in the mean time.