Woman Does The Tootsee Roll While In Labor [VIDEO]
I've heard of women getting creative when it comes to going into labor but this lady just put her own spin on it. Why didn't anyone tell me that if I just did the 'Tootsee Roll' while in labor with any of my 3 children, it would make it all better? lol
Imagine If You Went To Kill A Spider And THIS Happened [VIDEO]
The next time you see a harmless, little spider in your home and grab something to kill it immediately, you may want to reconsider after you see what happened to this guy! As if spiders weren't creepy enough, watch the freaky thing that happens when a man from Australia attempts to kill a spide…
'I'm Pregnant So You Can't Do It Either'
Leo & Rebecca In The Morning, BUZZ QUESTION:
Ladies, do you expect your husbands to give up certain things that you can't do because you're pregnant? Is that a reasonable request?
My wife and I found out a few months ago that we're having our first baby, and we're really ex…
Pregnant Nicknames
I've discovered that while I am expecting, people have taken to calling me anything BUT my actual name. lol
Jessica Simpson And Kim Kardashian Considered Fat?
Can I say I am so glad that the only thing I currently have in common with Jessica Simpson and Kim Kardashian is that we are all expecting? I'm glad I'm not famous, because I would be devastated if I had to deal with the crap they have been receiving lately about their weight!