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Want To Become An Instant Millionaire?
Hopefully you have been listening to Leo and Rebecca in the Morning as our Summer '17 prize giveaways roll on! That only means good things for you our awesome listeners. This week we want you to scratch some lotto tickets and become an INSTANT MILLIONAIRE with our Instant Millionaire scratch-of…
Do You Scratch? Lottery Tickets!
You either are or you're not. A lottery ticket person I mean. Do you buy scratch off lottery tickets hoping to win big, quit your job and move somewhere tropical? As you can see, I will be doing none of the above, because I didn't win this time. lol
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Listen to Leo and Rebecca in the Morning all week long for your chance to win these awesome Christmas scratch-offs! I can honestly say I've never a scratch-off like this, with 52 chances to win, this is the ultimate stocking stuffer.