Is It Rude If I Don’t Shake Your Hand?
Ok so is anyone shaking hands yet? I'm not. With what we do for a living, we meet people all the time and many will extend a hand for a handshake. I'm still trying to be  conscious of the safety of myself and others, therefore I will do a fist bump or elbow bump.
I Don't Like This New Thing At Restaurants
Ok now that we are all getting back to a routine, eating at our favorite restaurants, I finally found something I do NOT like about our new normal. It actually had nothing to do with food either. It was the soda/te machine. (I forgot to take a picture of the sign) but it stated that due to the curre…
lysol to the rescue
Monday got me like NOPE! Wow, apparently a 'summer cold' has hit the building and I've had to start with the Lysol! Two coworkers were sick last week, then Leo, then our 'webguy' and the list has grown. O-M-G I'm just hoping I don't get it! Mocos stay away from me!
The ‘Grossest Things’ We Touch Everyday
A new study reveals the 'grossest things' we touch everyday. Is that even a word? Either way, we ALL do it, unknowingly. Think about brush your teeth every morning right? Our toothbrush, when we put it away, we put it away wet. That right there helps the bacteria grow. Ewwww. Also…