Check Out This Game For Game Night
AWWW does this make you feel nostalgic or what? I saw this on the shelves at the store and it took me back to the renting movie days. Unfortunately it was not a movie to rent but a board game to play with your family.
What No One Told Me About This Game
I've heard for quite some time now how fun this game is and decided to try it over the Easter weekend. Peeps who told me were right, we had a blast with the fam trying everything from booger, to barf, baby wipe and black pepper. However....
West Texas Pride Football Kicks Off This Saturday!
Looking for something to do this weekend? I've got your Saturday night covered! Why not check out some semi-pro football action with the 4-3-2's coolest, new team the West Texas Pride. This Saturday is opening night game time, 7 p.m the 'Lion's Den.' (Grande Communications S…