Bring Your Kid To Work Day…Kinda
School is OUT for summer! That's right, it's official, because my kid is here at work with me. lol Some parents feel me. There are some days where it just can't be helped and here ya are coming up with ways to entertain. For today, she gets an IPad, some headphones and every kid-frien…
Current Sitch
It's bring-your-kid-to-work day for this momma! As you can see, the entertainment/snack/purse game is strong because the little 4 year old that has joined me today gets bored easily! lol Parents you feel me. It's never a part of 'the plan' but sometimes it's inevitable.
What Happens When The Electricity Goes Off In Our House
With all of this much needed rain we've been getting this week, things like this go with the territory sometimes. Our electricity went out lastnight, so my kids and I were forced to entertain ourselves for a few hours. Can I say you don't realize how many candles you truly have until you n…