This Is How My Monday Is Going…..
How is your Monday going? This is how mine started out. A broken coffee pot, thus no coffee for me to start off my work week! (insert crying emoji here) Don't you love it when things like this happen? In my household, I start asking around. Who broke the coffee pot? Does anyone know what happen…
My Flat Iron Crapped Out On Me!
Well it finally dirty, overused, 5 plus year old flat iron crapped out on me. What a way to start my morning! Ugghhh ladies feel me. The sad thing is, I refused to believe it had given out on me. lol I tried several plug ins in my home, just to make sure.
Any Ideas On How To Fix This?
I am in need of some 'life hack' help! First of all, I find it hard to believe that in this day and age, the nozzle on a can of spray starch can't be fixed when broken. In this case dropped. I literally bought it one day and dropped it the next. Boom! Brand new can of starch wasted be…