I’ve been a landlord in the past but always used a property management company because I was nervous about the risk of renters. Which I still feel like was the right decision, but that time has passed, I no longer have any rental properties but I still like to know the laws. We have all heard or seen things online about squatters taking over homes, but did you know in the state of Texas squatters have more rights than you think. 


If you’re not familiar with a squatter, it’s anyone who is taking up possession of property that is unoccupied, foreclosed, or abandoned without informing or seeking permission from the legal owner. This is the part that is crazy to me, according to our laws squatting is completely legal. It’s not considered trespassing unless the owner can prove that the squatter is not welcome. 

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How Is Squatting Not Trespassing? 

Trespassing is a criminal offense, squatting is a civil matter. Squatters do have rights, but they must fulfill the requirements for adverse possession to take advantage of those rights. Squatters cannot claim adverse possession on state or government land.  

Squatters Can Destroy Your Property 

The last thing you want is unwelcomed guests trying to take possession of your property. Be very careful on who you allow to occupy your residence. If you want to know more about Squatters and their rights in the state of Texas click here.  

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