I went disc golfing Sunday and stayed out for a good 7 hours, all the while forgetting that my pale ass should maybe use sun screen if I'm gonna be out there for that long. I dunno, I guess I figured the whole 25% Mexican I have coursing through my veins would save me. . . .NOOOOOOPE!

I've never been sick from a sunburn before but this one kicked me right in the K-Jones.  Here are some of the symptoms to look for in case you catch too much sun this summer. Obviously some of them just go along with a run of the mill sun burn but there are a few I had no clue were even possible.

1. Skin redness and blistering

2. Pain and Tingling

3. Headache (here's where the symptoms start getting into a realm I didn't think a sun burn could cause)

4. Fever and Chills

5. Nausea

6. Dizziness

7. Dehydration

Are you kidding me? I experienced all of them. I had no idea a sunburn could do all of that to you. You learn something new everyday. In this instance, I learned it the hard way.