Sooooo this is happening in the realness of life. It's not a false fake. It's a 100% truth fact. Bruh!


I'm kinda sad honestly. While it does bring In-N-Out much closer to the 432, it puts it so close that we can taste it but not close enough that we can grab a bite on our way to work. I need this in my life daily, nightly, and more than just slightly. This is Slow Jams with R-Dub for my inner fat kid. I know there's a few of you who gotta play it all cool and say things like "It's not that good dude" or "__________ is way better," but you done lost your ever loving mind. In-N-Out is the perfect combination of simple and cheap. It's exactly what a burger should be. Fast, delicious, cheap, and simple. I hope this means we'll be getting one pretty soon. A guy can dream.

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