The SleazyWorld Go movement is prospering right now. The evolving fame can be attributed to the 24-year-old’s hit song “Sleazy Flow”—a 2-minute stick talk anthem that has nearly 20 million combined spins between Spotify and YouTube. The song, released in 2021, showcases Sleazy’s conversational flow and ear for glass-shattering beats. And those cheat codes of his artistry are exactly what’s brought attention to his name ever since he began rapping.

SleazyWorld Go, a native of both Grand Rapids, Mich. and Kansas City, Mo., is new to this rap stuff but spits with the poise of a vet. Though he has plenty of heat in his catalog, Sleazy’s career began just a couple of years ago in 2020. Following his release from jail, Sleazy and his girlfriend broke up, prompting his full embrace of being in “Sleazy” mode and furthermore sparking his hip-hop career. The first song he ever recorded and uploaded to YouTube was called “Sliding,” which he dropped back at that time. The record went viral in his city and set the pace for other bangers like “Pass Me The Glock” and projects like Big Sleaz, The Sleazy Way, Thug You and Sleazy, all released between 2020 and 2021.

Over the last two years, Sleazy has solidified his sound, which is a combination of lyrics about stretching out his opps, picky production that induces Black Air Force 1 activity and an unwrinkled delivery. His “Let Me Talk My Shit” series and tracks like "Baghdad Flow" and “What They Gone Do To Me?”—a flip of SpotemGottem’s “Beat Box”—are additional testaments to the notion that he’s “next up" and led to his signing with Island Records this past March.

Ahead of his forthcoming 2022 effort, Comer, here the Midwest talent and proud father speaks with XXL about the wins in his career thus far. Peep the interview below.

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"Sleazy Flow"

"What They Gone Do To Me?"

"Baghdad Flow"

"Let Me Talk My Shit Pt. 3"


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