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Workforce Solutions Virtual Job Fair
If you are currently looking for a job, Workforce Solutions is planning to have a virtual job fair tomorrow. The virtual job fair will take place from 9 am to 5 pm and everyone who participates must be prepared for a possible video interview.
Chicken Or Beef? What’s Your Flavor?
So you're in line at Rosa's, feenin' some fajitas. You already know you are ordering the fajita meal, but my question is, are you doing chicken or beef? My house is like 50/50 on this....
Watermelon Debate: Which Is The Sweetest?
If you are like me, you cannot get enough watermelon this time of year. My family eats it everyday! Legit I could eat watermelon as my meal, for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Obsessed much? I typically eat red meat watermelon but a friend told me the other day, girl you are trippin' yellow meat …
Texas State Fair Cancelled For 2020
It was announced this morning that a Texas tradition, the State Fair of Texas has been cancelled for 2020. The fair typically runs from mid-September through October 17th at Fair Park in Dallas. No doubt you either went to the fair as a kid or have taken your own children in recent years.
A True Mexican Dessert
If arroz con leche was not a part of your childhood are you even a true mexican? I grew up eating this stuff. Forget ice cream, cookies, cake, most desserts that we all love now, this is the OG dessert. Why? Because mom, or your favorite tia or your abuelita always had the ingredients for it.
New Hip Hop Dance Studio Opens In The 4-3-2
22 year old Permian High School graduate Aliyah Robinson made her dream of opening her own dance studio a reality this week. The process began in February and today  'Hip hop and Lettos' is open and ready for business with their first classes set to start this week!
Canned Or Bottled? Is There A Difference?
I have an ongoing friendly argument with a family member that says there IS a difference between canned sodas and bottled. I drink both all the time and I just don't think so. I don't taste a difference.

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