Most, if not all of the houses built in the Adobe Meadows Subdivision in Midland were built back in 2014. So the properties on average are only 7 years old. Before construction, it was an open field one has to wonder why there would be stories of haunted houses where there was nothing before them.

I mean you always see movies where places are haunted because they were built on sites where things like cemeteries once stood (Poltergeist) or you hear stories of someone dying or being murdered in a house and their spirit still haunts the grounds. But this is nothing like that. At least not that we KNOW of anyway.

I've heard stories about how residents hear voices in their house late at night after everyone's gone to bed. They feel random cold spots in the kitchen from time to time (and nowhere near the fridge or AC ducts)... They don't actually see things move-but sometimes when they'll leave a room and come back later-things will be in a different place on the countertop than they were earlier-and no one else has been home in between times. The lights in the living room sometimes dim for just a second then come right back. All of these things can be explained rationally.

Do YOU believe in ghosts?

Mexican Cartels in the Lone Star State

Cartels are a reality of life in Texas. With our proximity to the Mexico border, the presence of cartels and drug trafficking were inevitable.

But which cartels have staked out their claim in Texas? Take a look below.

Gallery Credit: Sarah Clark

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