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Misfits Football Bake Sale This Saturday
Odessa 5th grade Misfits football are having a bake sale this weekend to help raise money for an opportunity to play at Cowboys Stadium. You can stop by any Little Caesars Pizza in Odessa from 10 am to 2 pm, tomorrow the 26th to buy some baked goods.
Do You Like Receiving Gift Cards?
Can I say I love gift cards? Everyone does right? When you receive a gift card from someone it means you are free to shop, eat, drink, watch, do whatever YOU want with it! I love to receive them and I often give them. If you receive a gift card, the giver intended for you to use it as you wish.
It’s That Time Of Year Again!
It's that time of year. This will be me for the rest of the year, nice and comfy with the seat warmer. This little button is everything to me during these chilly months that will turn coooold soon enough.

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