What's going on?

Great Outdoors Expo This Weekend
Are you a fishing, hunting or camping enthusiast? If so, you're in luck because the Great Outdoors Expo is coming to Midland this Friday, Saturday and Sunday to the Midland Horseshoe Pavilion. There will be over 100 exhibit booths where you can find hunting, fishing, camping gear and gadgets, e…
$3 Dominos Pizzas TODAY June 18th In The 432
The $3 Dollar Dominos Pizzas are back today! It's HOT outside and no one wants to cook!
No need with the $3 Dollar Dominos Pizzas!
2 Locations only today from 5p-7pm.
In Midland on Big Spring Street/ Downtown Midland
In Odessa at 9001 West University
Cash only with partial proceeds going to the PB N…
Please Spread The Word On These Summer Meals
Thanks to an amazing B93 listener for sharing such an important piece of information with us, we felt the need to pass it on. If you or someone you know is struggling to put food on the table this summer, here is what you can do locally:
How Much Do You Pay?
Now that the kids are home for summer for the next couple of months, the struggle is real. Mom and dad are at work but need a sitter. Here's my question, since it's been a minute that I needed a babysitter for the summer and I'm pretty sure things have changed since I babysat back in …
Andrews Splash Park Update
I promised I would keep you updated and here I am keeping that promise. The Andrews Splash Park has officially reopened! As of last Friday, it is open for business for all my Andrews peeps of course and those friends from around the 4-3-2 who like to visit every summer.
Jo Koy Coming To The 432 This November
Funnyman Jo Koy is coming back to the 432!
His new NETFLIX special just dropped and tickets for his show are available NOW!
You can get tickets for his NOVEMBER SHOW HERE!
Is Whataburger Going To Change?
Ok, so can someone tell me what is really going on with Whataburger? Late last week, the news dropped that they had been bought out by a firm in Chicago or something like that. I thought nothing of it....until I saw all the meme's about the day Whataburger died. lol There are some funny ones I …
Think You MIssed Out On Epic Waters Tickets? Think Again….
Just an FYI, don't sweat it if you missed out on our giveaways for Epic Waters Indoor Waterpark this week....why? Because the winning continues next week with Leo & Rebecca in the Morning! Monday morning, we will dish out more family 4 packs of tickets, so you will have an excuse to vis…
Dunkin Donuts Coming To The 432
Today is National Donut Day so it makes since that we get news that a Dunkin Donuts Express is coming between Midland and Odessa!
I love me some Dunkin Donuts, but I'm not going to lie, I haven't been there in a while.
Beyond Donuts, I know they also have awesome coffee and breakfast items..…
Farmer’s Market This Weekend
What's going down around town? I've got the 411 if you're all about a farmer's market like I am. This Saturday, June 8th, the Parks Legado Town Center will be hosting a Farmer's Market like no other.
I Love Seeing This Scene In A Dr’s Office
File this in the 'hell yeah' category for me! Stepped into a Dr's office recently and saw this beautiful scene. As a mom, I have to say offices with a little 'play area' like this for kids saved me countless times.