Leo and Rebecca Buzz Question - My Husband lent our neighbor his riding lawnmower and when he got it back, it was broken. Totally will not run now. After messing with it , he's gonna have to get it serviced. I say my man needs to tell our neighbor and have him help with the repairs, my man says 'NO' he's not going to ask him to help with the repairs. No biggie. Um, yes it is, he broke it right?

Here is what the 432 had to say about it on Facebook.

Michelle Haney
It should be the neighbor’s place to pay for the damages. But at the same time when you lend out something you have to expect some people SUCK and are not always honest and genuine. The neighbor knew he broke it but not saying and not offering to help shows what kind of person he is. And personally I’d never lend another thing to him.

Billy Orsak
Michelle Haney you are right. I had a friend borrow my new not even out of the box carpet steam cleaner. He broke it claiming was already broken and was my fault. Didn't offer to pay for new one or apologize.

Maria Ruiz Prieto
All it took was one time for my husband to learn his lesson. Lol
We have gone through a similar situation unfortunately. I can relate Girl

Rebecca Hernández
Yes he broke it but as a gentleman it's ok in some ways BECAUSE it's his fault for letting people use his things only that next time he wants to use it it'll be a plain NO!!!! Not to be rude or anything but there's the bill to show for next time if he doesn't learn his lesson then you step in and say it how it is. I always tell my husband that and he knows if he doesn't step up and tell them I WILL. Anyways I'm sure the neighbors can see what is going on and that it's gonna go get fixed that's when you yell at your husband and say THAT'S WHAT YOU GET FOR LETTING THE NEIGHBORS BORROW YOUR THINGS!!!!

Dalila Ontiveros
I mean id be mad but mowers do break. Maybe it was its time. Fix it and dont lend it out again

Ricky Licon
Shouldn't have to ask, the neighbor should've offered what he could

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