Selena Gomez has Killed 'Em With Kindness once again, as the singer-actress conspired with Australian radio station KIIS 1065 FM to surprise a Sydney-based super fan.

22-year-old Sophie Saunders has such a passion for SelGo's unique vocal talents that, according to the site, she travels to every single one of Selena's Australia shows. Unfortunately, Sophie hadn't had a chance to watch Selena perform Down Under in years, as the former Disney star canceled the Asian and Australian legs of her Stars Dance tour in 2013 for what she then said was a need for "me" time (she's since said it was actually due to illness). Saunders pushed for Selena's return to Australia with a Facebook campaign, and she even flew all the way to Dallas to see her live.

In the clip, Sophie's singing a fragment of Selena's "Kill Em With Kindness" into a video stream on her phone at the command of KIIS hosts Kyle and Jackie O, who told her they'd get the video cover to Selena herself. But Selena was actually en route to Sophie's home.

"I heard about this super awesome fan of mine, and how she came to the first show," Gomez says in the van ride over. "I figured, since she's going to come maybe tonight, I should go surprise her."

And surprise her she did — watch Sophie's excitement and their brief hang below.

Even KIIS host Kyle was overcome with emotion over the meeting(???). Guess he's just a big ol' Selena softie.

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