Once a supercut of President Barack Obama reciting the lyrics to Desiigner's "Panda" was edited together, it seemed that the world had seen everything with regard to the Brooklyn rapper's break-out smash, and yet, it's clear now that it hasn't. Enter Bette Reynolds, thhe 60-something year old Scottish grandmother who has gained some viral fame by reciting popular songs. Her "Panda" video has thus far amassed more 5 million loops.  

The video gold comes courtesy of Stewart Reynolds, a popular Vine user under the name Brittlestar. Reyonlds apparently equipped his mother with a Vine account all her own, and likely fed her the popular rap lines. The only other explanation is that Bette herself is a fan of the rap stylings from Desiigner, Drake and Kanye West. Below, watch her recite choice lyrics from Drake and Future's "Jumpan" as well as a bit from West's "I Miss the Old Kanye."

While many of Bette's rap Vines tackle Drake lyrics, it's her version of "Panda" that has really escalated her online profile. Watch below for a good laugh and a new take on songs likely heard a thousand times prior. Desiigner too is enjoying his fame, living it up at prom and going absolutely bananas during the G.O.O.D. Music Summer Jam set. Peep Bette's "Panda" video up top, with a few others included below. Seeing as Desiigner is likely still crafting his debut project, maybe a collaboration is in order?

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