Salma Slims has released the video for her single, “100 Racks," produced by J Reid and Kip. The song is featured on her project, Ghetto Girl Dream, released in September of 2016.

The video, directed by Kevin Clark, starts off with the Atlanta rapper and two other women standing around a white Jeep in the middle of what looks like a desert. Salma counts a large amount of money and spits a fury of bars, with the chorus of “I just really want to blow a hundred racks, make a hundred racks," and more continuing throughout the track, almost sounding like a chant. The second half of the video features Salma and the two women inside of a rundown house in the desert with the former rapping, while money is scattered across the floor. She further flexes her lyrical prowess at the end of the track with, “See I don’t be wasting my time/I make ‘em stay in they line." A sinking sun that turns to night permeates the background of these scenes.

Ghetto Girl Dream has six tracks, primarily produced by Richie Souf (Makonnen’s “Where Your Girl At?” and TWo 9’s “Get Through This) and K Swisha (MadeinTyo’s “Uber Everywhere," 2 Chainz’s “Blue Cheese” and “Day Party”). Producer J Reid and Kip have one credit on “100 Racks," which is at 116,000 plays and is the highest streamed song on the project.

Salma was recently featured on fellow Atlanta artist 24hours’ EP, Not Open Late. Her guest feature comes on the track “Like That."

Take a look at the video for "100 Racks" below.


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