Rapper Eem Triplin recently received a consolation prize in the form of an Xbox from Rolling Loud after he performed at the festival in September with only around a dozen people in attendance.

The Pennsylvania rap artist shared the news on social media on Tuesday (Nov. 29). The pictures show a custom gold Xbox with his named etched into the top. The game came along with a letter that reads: "Hopefully you get 20 people next time. Love. Rolling Loud."

Eem captioned the post, "Rolling loud sent me a free xbox cause they felt bad i only had 13 people at my set💀."

Rolling Loud responded to Eem's post on Instagram.

"Glad you like it," they captioned the photo of the console along with a smiling face with sunglasses emoji.

Eem Triplin performed at Rolling Loud New York as one of the opening acts on Sept. 25. Clearly, the crowd had yet to arrive by the time of his set, which left him performing for a handful of people. Eem shared video of his set on social media and it appears to show more cameramen than people in the crowd as he fittingly performs his "Awkward Freestyle." In the caption of the post, Eem seemed grateful for the opportunity.

"Performed at rolling loud for 13 people. gotta start somewhere," he captioned the video along with a praying hands emoji.

Many rappers who have become some of the biggest stars in the game have had humble beginnings. Back in 2018, Mike Dean shared video of Travis Scott performing for a very small crowd at a festival in 2013.

After releasing his debut project N0wh3r3 in 2019 and the No More Tears EP (2019), Eem Triplin has been steadily dropping new tracks this year. Last month, he put out the new single "Let You Know" featuring $not.

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