Rihanna's humming on her new comeback single "Lift Me Up" has people comparing it with Kid Cudi, with some listeners saying RiRi's droning vocalizations are better than Cudder's.

On Wednesday (Oct. 26), Rihanna released a teaser of her musical return for her new single from the Black Panther: Wakanda Forever soundtrack,"Lift Me Up," which officially dropped today (Oct. 28). RiRi delivers a slow ballad on the Terms-penned, Ludwig Göransson-produced track, which serves as a homage to the late Chadwick Boseman, who played the lead character of King T’Challa in the first film. The song is a slow-burn that finds Rihanna beginning the track with a low hum.

Many people on social media have likened the humming to that of Kid Cudi, with some saying Rihanna's vibrato is superior.

"tbh Rihanna humming is way better than kid cudi’s idc what y’all think," one person tweeted after hearing a clip of "Lift Me Up."

"Listening to Rihanna hum in the beginning of her new song is like listening to Kid Cudi humming, i love it sm," another person posted.

"Rihanna humming > kid cudi," someone else tweeted.

Kid Cudi's hum is a big part of his musical range and an aspect of his music that fans have often pointed out as being what draws them to many of his songs.

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