Show me the money! Here in the great state of Texas, we take pride in a lot of things, especially our finances. We're a land of opportunity, and some people have profited big time off of it.

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I’m not saying that taxes are shown to us when it comes to flaunting nice things, but we are very proud of our accomplishments and maybe every now and then we do like to shut them off. I’ve located 10 cities according to Only In Your State where I have found the wealthiest towns in the great state of Teas. I’ve been to most of the cities and lived in a lot of these areas, and I can assure you that the information about each one of these particular cities is definitely accurate.

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These are the top 10 wealthiest cities in Texas and they are absolutely gorgeous. If you get a chance to ever visit any of these cities, I definitely will suggest taking full advantage of it.

When I lived in certain cities in Texas it gave me the motivation to go out and make something of myself because I wanted to one day lived exactly how some people are living in these beautiful places. Hopefully the list can inspire you to bring your absolute best to the table in all your endeavors so that you can one day live in a posh pad in one of these places too!

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