Ray J has been raising eyebrows with his antics for the past several days. Recently, the R&B singer surprised his fans when he announced plans to change his name and people couldn't tell if he was joking.

During Ray J’s appearance on CBS’ daytime show The Talk on July 8, the “One Wish” crooner was clarifying the origins of his birth name, William Ray Norwood Jr., before revealing his plans to change his moniker in 2023.

“My real name is Willie. Willie Ray Norwood Jr. I’m a junior, so Ray Jr.,” he explained. “But my dad has owned Willie, that’s his name, that’s my dad’s name. He’s Willie. So, I’m Ray J, but I’m changing that too,” he said.

As The Talk co-hosts looked on in confusion, Ray J expounded further on his supposed name change.

"I'm going with a new name at the top of the year. Ray J, he's lived, you know what I mean. It's time to evolve,” he said. “My new name will be Tron.”

When asked why he chose Tron as his supposed new name, Ray J had a weird yet humorous answer.

“T-R-O-N...because I'm in a digital mindset right now,” he explained. “I'm inside the computer, right. I'm in. It's like a new Matrix. I don't want to go too deep. We going too deep? If you all want to call me Tron, anytime, that will be love."

It’s hard to ascertain if Ray J is joking or not. Nevertheless, the tech entrepreneur has been leaving his fans confused with his weird antics lately.

Recently, Ray J got a huge leg tattoo of his sister Brandy, which featured the words "BEST Friends" graffiti tagged on her forehead and "4 Ever" on her cheekbones. Additionally, his sister’s eyes are colored pink, which gives the impression that she’s high on marijuana.

Although Brandy seemed to love Ray J’s tattoo, many people on social media were confused.

We'll have to wait and see if Ray J does indeed change his name in 2023.

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