In an alleged leaked 2010 voicemail, Kim Kardashian seemingly drags Whitney Houston while slamming Ray J following their breakup.

The audio appears to show Kim calling Whitney an "old hag" during the tirade.

"Ray, it's Kim," the voicemail begins. "I just want you to know that I think you are so disgusting and desperate."

The voice allegedly belonging to Kim then accuses Ray J of not calling her back before telling him not to bother.

"I think you're honestly a sick human being. Honestly like, go have fun with old hag Whitney Houston," the voice continues.

"Crack is definitely not whack with you guys," she adds, seemingly referring to Whitney's infamous "crack is whack" comment.

"You guys are just disgusting and sick. I just don't understand it. She's so old, she's sick, and you are just sick and desperate," the voice continues, before shouting: "Leave me the f--- alone and stop f---ing calling me! I f---ing hate you!"

Hear the alleged leaked audio, below:

According to conservative commentator Candace Owens, who was recently spotted with Kim's ex Kanye West at his controversial Yeezy show, the voicemail recording recently "landed on her lap."

Candace played the audio on her podcast on Oct. 10.

Kim allegedly left the voicemail for Ray J after the R&B singer and reality star broke up in the late 2000s.

At the time, the couple made headlines — and subsequently launched Kim's reality TV career — following their leaked sex tape.

After their breakup, Ray J was briefly seen with Whitney prior to her death in 2012.

Online, some fans defended Kim following the alleged voicemail leak.

"This is not the explosive voicemail I thought it was going to be. Ray J started dating Whitney after Kim right? How many girls have left their ex a voicemail/voice note or text cussing them and their new ting. I'm not moved by this 11 year old voicemail," one person tweeted.

Others saw it differently, with one person writing, "This is extremely on brand. She was pissed at Ray J so she attacked Whitney. We saw the same s--- happen with Jordyn when Tristan should have been getting dragged. That fam goes after women when the men are the sources of their anger/upset. It’s gross but unsurprising."

Meanwhile, Ray J slammed Kim's mom Kris Jenner in September after the momager took a lie detector test on The Late Late Show With James Corden.

During the test, Kris claimed to have no involvement in the release of Ray J and Kim Kardashian's sex tape.

However, during an Instagram Live, Ray J accused Kris of orchestrating the filming of a second sex tape of him and Kim.

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