The authorities may have locked Ralo's body, but they can't trap his mind. Despite being currently incarcerated and facing charges of conspiracy to commit a felony after authorities accused him of moving nearly $1 million worth of marijuana on a private jet, the Atlanta rapper has new music on deck. On Tuesday (Oct. 9), he premieres his latest track, "Rich Black Man (The Last ReUp)," with XXL.

The song, produced by Twysted Genius and set to appear on his forthcoming Conspiracy album, features a sample of Michel'le's 1989 hit "Something in My Heart." Ralo stunts hard on the first verse. "Let it go sometimes/Take it slow sometimes/What kind of car I'm buying next?/I don't know what kind/Got a nine on my side/I dont even drive/Fuck T.S.A., I'm used to flying in private," he raps over the jazz-infused beat. "Don't take my kindness kindly, I did this shit without me trying it/Rollie full of diamonds, I don't need to check the timing."

On the second verse, he touches on his current situation. "The FBI been trying to lock, been trying to catch this guy/Whenever I fly, I see them folks a lot/I just make Salah, and pray I make it out/They trying to frame a nigga/They want to take me out," he raps.

According to Ralo, police harassment sparked the idea for the track. "I felt like I was under investigation, I kept hearing signs from God," he tells XXL. "After the harassment I experienced from the police I wanted to put this out to show the people that I was living my best life. Doing things I never did before, having things I never had, and it was like at that point in my life I was one of the happiest men alive. The original name of the song was ’The Last Re-up.' The last re-up, the last time."

Despite his seemingly dire circumstances, Ralo is remaining focused and productive. "I’ve got a series of books and shows I’m working on, and a movie called The Ralo Story," he adds. "I plan on releasing three more projects and working on my label—signing artists and building it. I want to show people that you can come back strong no matter what happens, if you believe in God and believe in yourself. God is the greatest. My focus is to follow God and continue to be a rich Black man."

Conspiracy is slated to drop on Oct. 12 and features the likes of Shy Glizzy, Young Scooter and YFN Lucci. On the production end, Ralo taps Will-A-Fool, OG Drum Major, Goose and more.

Listen to Ralo's new "Rich Black Man (The Last ReUp)" track below.

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