Over four years after he was arrested on drug conspiracy charges, Ralo has learned his fate.

On Thursday night (June 1), the incarcerated Atlanta rapper's Instagram account gave an update on his case, which revealed Ralo, born Terrell Davis, has been sentenced to eight years behind bars. XXL has confirmed the judgement by court documents. The sentencing was done in March, three months prior to the information being shared on his IG account in June. However, there is a silver lining for Ralo.

"The Judge sentenced Ralo to 8 years in Federal Prison, he was given over 4 years credit time served The BOP has also credited him 1 & 1/2 year for good time," the statement on Ralo's Instagram account reads.

According to the statement, with other concessions, Ralo could be home as early as 2023.

"He was recommended 1 year ankle monitor after the halfway house approve his home address; which will bring him home to us late next year," the statement continues. "but our goal is for him to complete his GED or RDAP Drug program so we can get another year off his sentence. That will bring him home to us in less than a year. We need prayer 🙏 hands... #FreeRalo."

According to court documents obtained by XXL on Thursday (June 2), Ralo was specifically sentenced to 97 months in federal prison back in March, after he pleaded guilty to six counts including conspiracy to possess with the intent to distribute at least a kilo of marijuana, felony possession of a firearm and money laundering. After completing his sentence, Ralo will be under five years of supervised released.

Ralo was arrested back in April of 2018, on federal drug conspiracy charges after police searched a private plane the rapper was in coming into Dekalb-Peachtree airport in Atlanta and discovered nearly a $1 million worth of marijuana. Ralo pleaded not guilty the following month.

Ralo reportedly turned down a five-year plea deal in 2019. In 2020, he was granted a bond, which was later revoked after a judge accused Ralo of continuing to run drugs from inside jail. Throughout the entire process, Ralo and his team remained resilient. He's released multiple projects while in jail including Free Ralo (2019) and Political Prisoner (2021).

XXL has reached out to Ralo's team and attorney for comment.

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