Okay, I have been to Starbucks but I'm gonna admit not frequently. But, now I may need to start going more often. LOL
I had no clue that a 'puppachino' was a thing. I love DOGS!!!! And, when I heard that Starbucks offers 'puppachinos' to our 4 legged friends, they instantly went up in my books!

Where have I been? “Puppachinos” are whip cream with some water in a small cup. Starbucks baristas should already know how to make them but in case they don’t, that’s all it is.

They’re usually free when you buy a coffee for yourself (especially if you have a cute dog in the car! LOL!), but if not, it’s incredibly cheap.

Check your local listings...LOL

Not mad at Starbucks!

Pupachino 5
Pupachino 5

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